Weekly News - November 7th, 2015

This week, the manufacturing team conducted and finish the last upper body mold. The last mold was conducted by putting bagging material both underneath and on top of the carbon fiber mold in order to form a sandwich that would not leak through the cracks of the foam mold. The team also discovered that the connection between the foot and the vacuum pump was not air tight and fixed this to get over 20 psi of pressure on the mold. The chassis panel testing and suspension designs have also progressed and the Vechicle Design Report has also been started on. The electrical team has ordered parts for the second vacuum pump that will be used in the encapsulation oven as well as worked on the bypass diodes for the solar array. The team also was part of the Homecoming parade at Purdue and tested Pulsar's new batteries with great success.

Thanks to everyone who could make it out this weekend.

Purdue Solar Racing, 465 Northwestern Ave. West Lafayette, IN 47907