News up to the Unveiling

A lot has been accomplished since February. First off, the electrical team worked on the solar arrays and tabbed many two by 5 arrays together. Two panels were encapsulated in the easy bake oven. One of them melted the bag to the solar array and was ruined. The other one had wrinkled eva probably due to the high vacuum pressure that is encapsulated at. It will still work but it is not the intended product.

On the design side, the canopy bubble shield was sent to out to be manufactured in addition the remaining fairing molds, motor housing, and canopy. The suspension design was finished and sent that out as well to be machined.

The manufacturing team made the most progress in the past couple of months. We cut out the coring and foam for the lower body mold. After those layups were finished, we then put on the final layer of carbon fiber to the lower body mold. We used an envelope bag for this last layup and unfortunately it ruined the wheel wells of the lower body mold. We remade them and sent them to Bob Rohrman to be painted. We finished painting and sanding the fairing molds and put down 2 layers of carbon fiber for each mold. We also redid the leading edge layup in order to give us more material to work with. The fairings and canopy were all mated together using either kevlar or fiberglass. In addition to the work done on the fairings and lower body, the chassis was also worked on. The pieces for the chassis arrived just before spring break and most of the driver box was finished by the end of spring break. The chassis is now nearly complete and still needs some additional carbon fiber joints to be added for structural integrity. 

Before the unveling, we had a finished lower and upper body mold. We finished all of our fairing but did not have the method of attaching them finalized.  Our canopy does not yet have the bubble shield but that should be coming in within the next few weeks. 

As a final word, I wanted to thank everyone who has helped over the past few months. The amount of hours that were devoted to this car by this team's members is staggering and yet we still have more to do. Thank you for your continued commitments to the team and I can't wait to see you at the next meeting.

Purdue Solar Racing, 465 Northwestern Ave. West Lafayette, IN 47907