Weekly News - October 21st, 2017

The mock chassis is almost complete now that we have finished molding the mock PVC roll cage. Our mock canopy is currently drying and will be ready to use for practicing egress procedures by next week. The remaining pieces to complete are the seat, steering, and wheels for the mock chassis. In building the mock chassis, we’ve found that utilizing a telescoping rod for the steering column will make it easier to stow away than our previous plan, which necessitated the removal of the steering column from the car in order to exit.

Along with this, we discovered some grooves in our female windshield mold caused by wrinkling on the peel-ply we used during its creation. These have now been filled in and are going to be sanded down once again to level out and smooth the patches.

We’ve made good progress on designing the brake system for Renatus. The largest challenge we faced was sourcing out brake calipers. These needed to fit in our car and meet both our car specifications and race regulations. However, we were able to find appropriate calipers and are progressing further in our design. Our remaining tasks are to design a master cylinder head, a rotor for the calipers we’ve found, and draw up a brake line design.

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