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News up to the Unveiling

A lot has been accomplished since February. First off, the electrical team worked on the solar arrays and tabbed many two by 5 arrays together. Two panels were encapsulated in the easy bake oven. One of them melted the bag to the solar array and was ruined. The other one had wrinkled eva probably due to the high vacuum pressure that is encapsulated at. It will still work but it is not the intended product.

On the design side, the canopy bubble shield was sent to out to be manufactured in addition the remaining fairing molds, motor housing, and canopy. The suspension design was finished and sent that out as well to be machined.

The manufacturing team made the most progress in the past couple of months. We cut out the coring and foam for the lower body mold. After those layups were finished, we then put on the final layer of carbon fiber to the lower body mold. We used an envelope bag for this last layup and unfortunately it ruined the wheel wells of the lower body mold. We remade them and sent them to Bob Rohrman to be painted. We finished painting and sanding the fairing molds and put down 2 layers of carbon fiber for each mold. We also redid the leading edge layup in order to give us more material to work with. The fairings and canopy were all mated together using either kevlar or fiberglass. In addition to the work done on the fairings and lower body, the chassis was also worked on. The pieces for the chassis arrived just before spring break and most of the driver box was finished by the end of spring break. The chassis is now nearly complete and still needs some additional carbon fiber joints to be added for structural integrity. 

Before the unveling, we had a finished lower and upper body mold. We finished all of our fairing but did not have the method of attaching them finalized.  Our canopy does not yet have the bubble shield but that should be coming in within the next few weeks. 

As a final word, I wanted to thank everyone who has helped over the past few months. The amount of hours that were devoted to this car by this team's members is staggering and yet we still have more to do. Thank you for your continued commitments to the team and I can't wait to see you at the next meeting.

Weekly News - February 1st, 2016

We have completed chassis panel testing for all of the different joints we will have. The front and rear collision and roll cage tests are currently being performed. On the electrical side, solar arrays started to be tabbed but the solder wouldn't stick to the arrays as well as expected. We also experience some overheating of the solar arrays when attempting to solder. More tests on the soldering of the solar arrays need to be conducted. The lower body layup had more work done on it this week; the layup did not go so well as we would have like because we used frecoat instead of wax on the lower body. We also continued to sand down our fairings. This coming week, we will need to start cutting coring and send out the remaining fairing molds to be milled.

Weekly News - January 25th, 2016

Over the past two weeks, the team has continued work on the lower body mold. Dry runs on the lower body were conducted in order to find leaks in the mold which in turn were patched. The carbon fiber strips were cut for the entire lower body mold and the driver box fairing mold layups were started. The team also finished the construction of our second oven, allowing us to encapsulate twice as many solar cells. The next couple of weeks will entail finishing up the lower body mold, cutting the coring for the lower body, and starting solar array tabbing and encapsulation.

Weekly News - January 11th, 2016

Over break, we got back our fairing molds. The team built a paint booth, and worked on painting and sanding the molds. The suspension design was also finalized and we got our wheels back with the hubs milled out of them. We still have a lot to do this semester. The manufacturing team needs conduct the lower body mold layups, build the upper body structure, and mill the remaining molds. The electrical team needs to work on the solar array tabbing, solar array encapsulation, motor controller, battery box construction, and transitioning to Rasberry Pis.

Weekly News - November 28th, 2015

Over Thanksgiving, the team managed to perfect the encapsulation around the solar panels so as to both protect and allow the most light to reach the solar panels. The suspension design was also heavily edited and now only to have some finishing touches done upon the geometry and then have FEA conducted on it.

A huge thanks to everyone who spent their Thanksgiving vacation helping the team out.

Weekly News - November 14th, 2015

The team spent most of this week sanding the lower body mold. We figured out that wet sanding goes by much faster and so the mold is nearly finished and ready to conduct layups on. The design team also has continued to modify the suspension and conduct chassis panel testing. 

Thanks to everyone who made it out this weekend and sanded the lower body mold.

Weekly News - November 7th, 2015

This week, the manufacturing team conducted and finish the last upper body mold. The last mold was conducted by putting bagging material both underneath and on top of the carbon fiber mold in order to form a sandwich that would not leak through the cracks of the foam mold. The team also discovered that the connection between the foot and the vacuum pump was not air tight and fixed this to get over 20 psi of pressure on the mold. The chassis panel testing and suspension designs have also progressed and the Vechicle Design Report has also been started on. The electrical team has ordered parts for the second vacuum pump that will be used in the encapsulation oven as well as worked on the bypass diodes for the solar array. The team also was part of the Homecoming parade at Purdue and tested Pulsar's new batteries with great success.

Thanks to everyone who could make it out this weekend.

Weekly News - October 31st, 2015

The team continued work on the suspension design and started to conduct the chassis panel tests. More encapsulation testing has been done in order to make a better seal around the solar panels. The electrical team also finished up work on the motor controller board. On the manufacturing side, the upper body coring layup was completed this weekend and the last layer of carbon fiber for the upper mold has been pre-pregged.

Thanks to everyone who could make it out this weekend.

Weekly News - October 17th, 2015

We have continued to cut the foam for our leading edge, front fairing, and rear fairings this past weekend. We should be able to send out the rear fairings to APW and start cutting the front fairings at the AFL Lab. The electrical team  worked on debugging the LCU. We are have nearly finished up our second solar array encapsulation oven. We created some small touchup pieces of carbon fiber for the trailing edges as well as cut the coring for the upper body mold. Methods to improve the seal on the upper body mold are still being tested. The team also sent out the Preliminary Vehicle Design Report and have received feedback from our mechanical adviser for what to improve upon for the Vehicle Design Report due December 15th.

Weekly News - October 3rd, 2015

This past week, we continued work on the steering, suspension, and roll cage designs. We finished trimming the door mold and made the the first upper body mold layup. We did not get as strong of a seal as we would have liked; the result of this was that our mold buckled and bubbled. However, we have realized that by taking the peel ply off, adjusting the carbon fiber to lay flat, and then reapplying the peel ply will help with this issue. Work on the preliminary vehicle design report has continued and will need to finish by October 15th. In electrical news, the test encapsulation of a solar panel has been completed and the LCU board has been finished. 

Thanks to everyone who could make it this weekend.

Weekly News - September 26th, 2015

On the design side,  the team has completed the design of the steering mechanism as well as updated the roll cage and suspension design from feedback on the preliminary vehicle design report. We have also ordered our chassis panels and those should come in within the next week. At our weekend meetings, the door layup was completed with great success and the carbon fiber for the upper body molds was prepped. A second solar cell encapsulation oven was also started upon and should be finished next week in order to start the encapsulation process. In other electrical news, the batteries for the car also came in this weekend. Thanks to everyone who could make it this weekend.

Weekly News - September 5th, 2015

On Monday, we sent our body molds to Mike Raisor to have them painted. Our preliminary design report was also split up and started upon. Most of Saturday was spent sanding the painted molds to make them as smooth as possible. After nearly 7 hours of sanding mostly by hand, there is still more to be sanded. Thanks to everyone who came out and sanded this weekend as well as Mike Raisor for painting our molds.

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