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Summer Week 4 - July 10th, 2015

Using CATIA's all-in-one, we converted our wind tunnel model into code that we could upload to a vertical mill and started making our wind tunnel model a reality. We also have our first parts of the suspension and in the garage. A huge thank you to Cummins and its Experiment Machining Shop for helping make that possible.

Summer Week 2 - June 13th, 2015

This week, everyone learned how to use CATIA for drafting and started preparing to bring material into the Artisan and Fabrication Lab to create parts. The VCU (Vehicle Control Unit), Wheel Controller, and BPS (Battery Protection System) circuit boards were all debugged and made ready to be manufactured. Most importantly, our full size body molds were finished and returned to us.

Purdue Solar Racing, 465 Northwestern Ave. West Lafayette, IN 47907